The top and richest horse races you'll want to know

More often than not, the elegant demeanour and the outstanding appeal of horse racing has dubbed it as the Sports for Kings and this grandeur is something that's pretty plain to see if you just take the time to observe some of their events. You'll surely see varieties of race horsing tournaments out there, all of which provides superb rewards for jockeys and racehorse owners alike. Of course, those who win the tournament would be able to reel in more profit than their competition, making it an even better fit to be the King of Sports.

However, after our site has rummaged through the industry and viewed the varieties of horse racing events, it has become more evident that even racing tournaments like this comes with their own diversities and differences. Owners and jockeys alike may find themselves raking in profit in all racing events throughout the globe, but if you're looking for the biggest horse races or richest horse races in the industry, you'll surely immediately realize that their cash prizes vastly exceed every other horse races throughout the globe. Whether you're planning to bet on horse racing or you just want to satiate your curiosity about them, just continue reading on and you'll be further enlightened about the top cups in the horse racing category.

Pegasus World Cup

Easily newly crowned as one of the richest horse racing event worldwide, the Pegasus World Cup has proudly dethroned the past king of richest cups in the world held by the infamous Dubai World Cup in the past. The distance of this racing event includes a dirt track that spans across a mile and a couple of furlongs of length and it is also proudly owned by the Gulfstream Park Florida owner, Frank Stronach. The heftiness of this cup is simply mind-boggling as those who have 4-year old manes or older who would love to join the event, would have to be ready to pay out about 1 million just to join the race with a staggering jackpot prize of over $12 Million and above.

Dubai World Cup

Before Pegasus World cup has dethroned it, the Dubai Cup has dominated the horse racing world for years and for good reasons. It attracts the attention of equestrian sports lovers from both the north and southern hemisphere, pinning them against each other in 2000-meter racing event which involves 4 years old and above Northern hemisphere horses and 3 years old and above southern hemisphere racehorses. The price for the jockey and owner who'll be crowned the king of the track, will rake in over $10 million into their pocket.

The Everest

If we're talking about Australia, the Everest has become the newly crowned richest horse race event on the country with a dirt track event spanning across a 6-furlong sprint event. By pooling the 12 racehorse entry fees, this superb event that has revolutionized the Australian horse racing market rewards up to $10 million as well just like Dubai World Cup. There's simply no doubt that such a staggering price has also warranted the attention of innumerable amount of equestrian aficionados throughout the globe.

The Breeders' Cup Classic

Having a high reward for their winners with the biggest cash reward on diverse cups in the past reaching up to $6 Million, it is easy to see why the Breeders' Cup Classic Racing event has smoothly entered the top, richest horse races in the world. With such an amazing reward up for grabs topped with a superb dirty track distance of up to 1 and ½ Miles, it is easy to see that many equestrian fans out there would be thrilled to join or watch this racing event. Not to mention, the racing event focuses on Thoroughbred Breeds which should hit the right age mark of up to 3 years old and above.

Melbourne Cup

It is without a doubt that one of the most famous Australian Horse Racing event or cup is known to exist is the Melbourne Cup. It is even to the point where it is deemed to be the racing event that innumerable amount of people waits for and it practically 'stops the nation' when the event starts. Not only is it deemed as one of the richest horse races today, it is also one of the most famous when compared to other flat races out there with handicaps, providing a winning opportunity of up to $4.5 Million.