Top Horse Breeds And What Makes Them Part of the best

Your interest may have been piqued by horse racing or simply horses in general but if you think that you'll easily become an equestrian aficionado in the blink of an eye, you're certainly going to be proven wrong. Becoming a proven fanatic in this category would require you to learn more about horses than you may already know now. In fact, you'll surely be surprised as there's simply heaps of horse breeds with their own capabilities, characteristics and purpose. Each breed comes with their own distinct ability and it would surely benefit you to learn more about the top choices of fans today.

Regardless if it's purely to satiate your curiosity or your interest, or if you want to become a jockey in the future or win a horse racing betting event, you would surely be more than thrilled to look at some of the best horse breeds below. We may only be able to give you a brief explanation of some of these horse breeds but, these will surely be enough for you to have a general understanding about these horses which distinguishes them from other breeds in this category.

Andalusian/Spanish Breed

Categorized today with their bay or grey colour of coat, manes and tails that are longer and thicker than other breeds along with an elegant and more compact demeanour and appeal, the Andalusian breed has been part of the most popular horse breeds throughout the globe for quite some time already. It is more famous as a war horse back in the 15th century but nowadays, with its strong physique and outstanding appearance, it is also famous for racing, jumping, saddle seat and even for illustrious dressage competition.


When you look at the richest horse races out there or even at normal events, one breed that races surely not be without are thoroughbreds. Some categorize this breed as purebred but, it has only seen the light of the day when it was developed back in the 17th up to the 18th century. Out of all the popular horse breeds out there, this is known for its pervasive capabilities which allows it to be an all-around equestrian-fit horse. It is easily one of the go-to options for many jockeys out there whether it comes to dressage, racing or any other horse-related sports you could think about. Not to mention, aside from being physically fit, the heart and the spirit of this horse breed is unmatched and will surely be enough to make you want to dedicate more of your time in taking care of it.


It is pretty easy to conclude that just like Andalusian, Arabian horses came from the place which its name dictates and that's from the Arabian Peninsula. It can easily be categorized as part of the oldest breeds throughout the globe and having said that, it has been a long-time favorite of equestrian fans. Its outstanding spirit and topnotch endurance is something that can help it go against other fiercer and newer breeds which is why even though it can be considered quite an ancient breed in the industry already, it has and will surely always be a favorite of many. Not to mention, it is also a famous option for those who are only starting out with horse racing or riding as this breed is also extremely popular for their impeccable discipline.

Quarter Horse

Without a doubt, one of the most commonly seen horse in the horse racing scene are quarter horses. They come with exceptional appearance from their physique, tail and mane but more importantly, they have speed that's unparalleled especially when it comes to racing on short distances. Whether it be on competition or trailing purposes, the breed is certainly one of the go-to options for many riders out there and can be used on diverse occasions - whether it be for rides that are for pure pleasure or for other more challenging and serious purposes.

Morgan Horse

When you see depictions of horses on varieties of scenarios, images and many more, it is highly likely that the horse that's depicted is a Morgan Horse breed. Its popularity has reached unprecedented heights with its stunning and elegant appeal like no other. Its strength is also something that's incomparable to others and in fact, you'll easily be able to realize this just from the fact alone that it was used in the past for farm tilling purposes. Nowadays, whether it be racing or other equestrian sports, the Morgan Horse is as good as any other top option for breeds in the market.