The history and info about Most Famous Racehorses

From Thoroughbreds to Quarter Horses, you'll surely find an innumerable amount of horses throughout the globe which has joined varieties of horse racing events throughout their lives. However, just like humans, there are some racehorses out there which have stood out among the crowd and has made their name resound throughout the globe with their valor and outstanding capabilities. There's no doubt that some may think that racehorses are the same but true equestrian aficionados are definitely well aware that there are some famous racehorses throughout the globe known for their feats.

Although it may prove to be quite difficult to pinpoint the best and most famous racehorses of all time if you're going to do it alone, you'll surely find it easier with the help of our site. Here, we have compiled some of the legendary names of racehorses that have rocked the entire equestrian sports industry and if you already had your fair share of research regarding this matter, then it is highly likely you've heard of them already. Despite the fact that these legends may not be existing today, the fact that they have etched their name in the annals of history is enough for equestrian sports lovers to know and honour their names.

Man O' War

Easily believed by many to be the most capable, famous and outstanding racehorse of all time, this superb racehorse is one which started as a juvenile back in the days. At some point in its years, it has been awarded as the 1920's Horse of the Year and which marked the end of his days in the horse racing events. But of course, despite the early retirement, Man O' War is known for outstanding reason one of which is his impeccable performances that are unmatched in the industry. Back on the days of his Juvenile races, he has dominated 9 races he has joined while only losing one. On top of which, he has further amazed equestrian fans when he ravaged other competitions and left even the most famous racehorses back in his time. In fact, his performance was so great that there were racing events where he left his competition 20 to 100 lengths behind him and at some point in time, many jockeys have become more hesitant to be pinned against him on the track.

Phar Lap

This name is certainly one that's meaningful for Australian Equestrians out there since this horse has practically put them on the map. It dominated horse races in Australia - even the most famous and richest horse races out there. However, when he was just about to start dominating the American scene as well, he had a tragic death which was suspected to be in relation to arsenic poisoning, putting a halt in his glorious life.


Although the name of sea biscuit may be something not as dominating as the previous ones, the fact that he's from the line of Man O' War has placed great hopes of equestrians onto him, only to be disappointed due to his lack of intensity and desire to nab the top spots in horse racing events. After a losing streak, Seabiscuit was finally let go and sold off. But, it is in the hands of the trainer who obtained him that he started to rise. Through the exquisite way of training by Tom Smith, the fire within Seabiscuit as rekindled, giving him a glorious comeback which even allowed him to beat a Triple-Crown Winner and thereby getting a Horse of the Year Award just like Man O' War.


One of the most known racehorse due to his superb and powerful performance, the Secretariat was already expected to dominate the market and that he did. He was able to exceed his peers when he was on the Juvenile Category and from there, he dominated one racing event to another, with speed that left behind its competitors to dust time and time again.


Easily nabbing the title of one of the most famous thoroughbred racehorse in the industry, Ruffian provided powerful and outstanding performances which led him to be dub as one of the top racehorses of all time. Although short lived due to an accident, he was able to nab 10 racing events consecutively, which just showcased his powerful and unmatched prowess on the track.


An unbeatable British Thoroughbred - Frankel has dominated 14 races without losing and this alone is a mark that he's an outstanding horse on par with legends despite some shortcomings he has which limited his achievements.